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We research and evaluate Ingredients, Manufacturer, Quality and Value of our pet products.  They are meat-based and free of corn, wheat, animal by-products and artificial colors.  If your pet has sensitivities or special dietary needs, we carry and will help you select the most appropriate pet food.  And with thousands of fellow pet owners providing feedback from their fur-kids, we can help you find the perfect product for your picky eaters.


In today's market it is difficult to sift through the various opinions out there as to what is appropriate to feed your dogs and cats.  In order to assist consumers navigate these tumultuous times, our staff has undergone professional training in Pet Nutrition and Raw Food feeding and earned their Pet Nutrition Specialist status.  Some of our staff has also enrolled in or completed a Certified Pet Dietitian program, the first of its kind!  Stop wondering what advice is the right advice and talk to our certified and trained staff.

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