MailKing Gmass
Daily sending limit 2000 (for G Workspace accounts) and 500 (for Gmail accounts) 2000 (for Google Workspace accounts) and 500 (for Gmail accounts)
Drag & Drop template editor Supported Not supported
Free templates Supported Not supported
MailChimp templates Supported Not supported
Email list builder Supported Not supported
Mobile text campaigns Supported Not supported
Two-way mobile text communications Supported Not supported
Dedicated phone# with v-mail Supported Not supported
Reports in Google spreadsheets Supported Not supported
Import from a .csv file, Google Sheets or Google Contacts Supported Supported
Mail Merge Supported Supported
Schedule email campaigns Supported Supported
Advanced reporting & analytics of your campaigns and recipient lists Supported Not supported
Customized email and name sender Supported Supported
Support Online docs, email or zoom call Online docs

What is MailKing

MailKing enables you to send email marketing campaigns and mass emails directly from your Gmail.

Why choose MailKing

MailKing offers a wide range of benefits that other apps such as Gmass do not:

Integrated with Gmail

MailKing is built specifically to work with Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite) email accounts. Once you’ve installed the Chrome extension, you can send build email campaigns with just a few clicks—directly from with Gmail. There is no need to log into a separate email service to manage your mass emails or campaigns.

Messages Come From Your Gmail Account

The email messages are sent directly from your Gmail account.
See higher open rates since each email you send will come directly from your Gmail account, instead of from a third-party account on your behalf.

Import MailChimp Templates

MailChimp email templates are awesome. They’re easy to use. They’re reliable. They keep your branding consistent (logos, fonts, colors). MailKing integrates with MailChimp and you easily use any of your MailChimp templates. Just select the template you want, add your message, and send as you would with any other email.

Send Mass Emails from Google Sheets

Create an email campaign right from Google Sheets using MailKing's Mail Merge for Gmail add-on. It's easy. All you need to do is open your contact list, then navigate to the menu bar on top to select Add-ons. From there, select MailKing, and Create email campaign Now, you'll be able to customize your email or text message. As a reminder, all the column headers in your contact list will become your merge tags, so you'll be able to personalize your message to all your contacts, and make them feel special.

Mail Merge from CSV or Excel

Emails can be manually uploaded, or you can import a list of emails from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.

  1. Easily upload your LinkedIn contacts
  2. Upload your Salesforce contacts
  3. And more...

Personalize by Name, Email Address, or Other Data

Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email. Drop a merge tag into a campaign, and MailKing take care of the rest. Include something as simple as a subscriber’s first name, add social links, or even something more complex as salution in receipients native language. So you give your emails a personal touch by merging name, email address, or other data you have in a CSV or Excel file.

Unlimited email tracking

You have no limits when using our MailKing - whether you’re using the premium, or the free version. This way, you’ll be able to know exactly when your receipents have read your email, and you’ll always be able to take any necessary follow up actions. We spent a lot of time designing a great email tracking experience, and it includes never having to limit you so that you can soar to your fullest potential.

Unlimited link tracking

The unlimited link tracking feature is one of several email analytics tools that we offer for free. This tool allows you to know whether your recipient is interested in what you sent them, when you’re email tracking them. You can check when and how many times they opened your link, and be ready to follow up with the best information in hand. If they didn’t click on your link, you know they might not be interested in what you’re sending them.

Email List Builder

Extract email addresses just by searching for past conversations in your Gmail using Email List Builder. Email List Builder will create a spreadsheet with up to 20 categories of information about each email address found in your Gmail inbox. Zero work for a huge email list reward!

Send Mobile Text Campaigns or Reminders

MailKing can send out your text message - marketing campaigns or reminders. For example, teachers can keep students–and parents alike–in the loop. Using MailKing, you can:
- Personalize text messages using merge tags
- Send bulk text messages like: 'Get your free COVID shot at the cafeteria tomorrow at 8am'

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

MailKing includes your own unique number. How you use that number is entirely up to you. Use it for your business, as a second contact number, or as a way to keep your primary number private.

Two-way Mobile Text Communication

Save time and manage work by sending text messages from Gmail using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Messages will appear as texts to your recipients.

Receive Voicemail Through Gmail

Mailking allows you to receive a voicemail from any caller. Easily respond to messages accordingly while screening calls.


Do you need a high level overview dashboard to see whether or not your emails are being opened? This free dashboard functionality keeps a record of all your emails sent with Free Email Tracker. You can check the history of your tracked emails in one, convenient place. Filter all your messages that haven’t been opened, and you’ll be able to know what actions to take next. Click the "read emails" option, and you’ll know which of your contacts are taking you seriously.

Clone Campaigns

Easily duplicate an existing campaigns. You can copy the recepients, templates, or both. Perfect solution for sending slightly different emails to different mailing lists.


With reminders, you can receive a notification if your email goes unopened for 48 hours. This gives you a heads up that the email you're using didn’t reach your intended recipient. It could be that the recipient is busy, is away, or worse, is ignoring your emails. Whatever the case, an email notification will alert you that your message has NOT been read. This knowledge lets you take the next appropriate steps because your current email recipient may not be your best point of contact.

Unsubscribe Link

Provide an optional unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. If a recipient clicks the link, their email address will be placed on your MailKing account's Supression List.

Break Gmail's Sending Limits

MailKing is a gmail email marketing system. Since your email messages are being send directly from your Gmail, Google will throttle your marketing campaigns - but do not worrry: MailKing will care of it. Send email campaigns to greater than 500 (or 2,000 for Google Workspace users) people at a time, using our distribution technology. Send campaigns to up to 10,000 recipients, and MailKing will auto-send them over multiple days so you don't violate Gmail's limits

Premium Version Available

We designed this tool with as few limitations as possible - including price limitations. Because of that, MailKing is 100% free to use for anyone using Gmail. By default, we’ll include a MailKing logo at the bottom of all sent emails that lets people know you’re using MailKing. You can upgrade to the premium version of the tool, and we’ll remove the logo for you by default.